Bermuda Triangle Pictures, Barmuda Triangle Pictures

Barmuda Triangle Picture

Barmuda Triangle Pictures

Barmuda Triangle Picture

Barmuda Triangle Pictures

Barmuda Triangle Picture

Barmuda Triangle Pictures

Barmuda Triangle Amaizing Picture

Barmuda Triangle Pictures

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75 thoughts on “Bermuda Triangle Pictures, Barmuda Triangle Pictures

  1. please send me the real photos, videos and history of permuda triangle.. i am very eager to know about it………..

  2. i stisfied to shee the picture of the great place of the world ‘BARMUNDA TRIANGLE’.I could’t understsnd what is there?in my view there present magnatic power from the born of earth.or it is a place where detected the gravitational force.

  3. ooooooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkk
    first of all some boats have been found un harmed so theres nnnnnnnnnnnooooooooo way of a hurricane or a tidal pool and get this one boat was found the shower was still running the food was still hot on the table and it was half eten the life boat was there soooooooooooo there you go no signs of struggle ether

  4. would like to know more real incidence story no the topic and should be comited as one of the wounders of the world….:-)

  5. Dear Sir,

    I send the comments for the Barmuda Triangles. I know more information in the Barmuda.

    I requirst to you .

    Kindly Send ths information. pls do the needful.

    Thanks and the Regards
    Jayesh Jadav
    Opration Associate
    Office Email id

  6. this is a dangerous natural behavior…….if u can sent more infarmation about barmuda trangle so plaese…………

  7. you know i am a Muslim according to our believe i think there is our last imam zamana and he is collecting his 72 army in that triangle when his army will be completed so he will appear in the world

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