Mystery Quest LEXXTEX 256 Bermuda Triangle Documentary by History Channel

Mystery Quest LEXXTEX 256 Bermuda Triangle History Channel


The Bermuda Triangle, a 500,000 square mile area in the Atlantic, is the world’s greatest unexplained mystery. Ships and planes simply disappear without a trace. Mystery Quest is an American Paranormal television series that premier on the History channel.

Mystery Quest investigates the enigma of the Bermuda Triangle. The expedition team looks at unidentified aircraft wreckage on the ocean floor, it tests theory that electronic fog is associated with the triangle, and it looks at whether theories about U.F.O. and rogue waves can explain disappearances in the area. The team takes one of the few survivors of a Triangle encounter on a flight through it to try to determine what could be disorienting pilots. The team also dives in the waters of the Bahamas to try to locate the first wreckage of an aircraft lost in a Triangle disappearance.

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Pilot Bruce Gernon Story – A Survivor of the Deadly Bermuda Triangle

Bruce Gernon, Survivor of Bermuda Triangle, Survivor Theories about Bermuda Triangle

Bruce Gernon is the Survivor of the Bermuda Triangle. He is one lucky man who has survived the experiences from the Bermuda Triangle. He has experienced the time wrap theory of the Bermuda Triangle and has lived to tell his story on survival. Bruce Gernon is only one person in the world to witness what mystery is behind the Bermuda Triangle and what the Triangle creates to make things disappear. Many others have also seen parts of this phenomenon of mystery and disappearance and some have seen it completely, just like Bruce. Gernon see this from its birth stage through its mature stage and enter the heart of the Timestorm and escape through a Tunnel Vortex and experience a time warp – See more at:

Mystery of Bermuda Triangle in Hindi

Bermuda Triangle Mystery, Bermuda Triangle in Hindi, Mystery in Hindi, History in Hindi, Mystery of Bermuda in Hindi

Bermuda Triangle Mystery in Hindi | बरमूडा त्रिकोण रहस्यमयी सच  अथाह समुद्र और ऊँचे आसमान में अजीबो-गरीब घटनाक्रम की बातें पहले भी सुनने में आई हैं, लेकिन अटलांटिक महासागर का एक हिस्सा ऐसा है, जिसकी गुत्थी आज तक कोई नहीं सुलझा सका है। पूर्वी-पश्चिम अटलांटिक महासागर में बरमूडा त्रिकोण (Bermuda Triangle) है। यह भुतहा त्रिकोण बरमूडा, मयामी, फ्लोरिडा और सेन जुआनस से मिलकर बनता है। BermudaTriangle Mystery in Hindi इस इलाके में आज तक अनगिनत समुद्री – See more at:

Bermuda Triangle Most Recent and Latest Disappearances News Information

Latest Disappearances, Most recent Disappearances, Bermuda Triangle Disappearances News,

Around 129 planes have disappeared over the waters in the Bermuda Triangle between 1945 and 2008. After 2008, documented cases of unexplained aircraft disappearances in the area simply seem to stop, which deepens the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle even more. Detailed information about aircraft disappearances that occurred during World War II and shortly afterward can be found from numerous sources, as these events have become legendary in the unexplained and paranormal world. However, reports on recent unexplained aircraft disappearances are much harder to find, possibly because of advances in modern technology. Bermuda Triangle Most Recent and Latest Disappearances in 21st Century incidents include:. – See more at:


Underwater Crystal Pyramids found in the Bermuda Triangle Depth

Underwater, Crystal Pyramids, Giant Pyramids, Pyramids Discovered, Pyramids Found,

Bermuda Triangle has many secrets behind its mysterious disappearances. Many claims to solve the mystery behind the sunken ships. Everyone has his own theory about the Triangle. But Experts and Scientists think they may have uncovered the significant clue 2000 meters below the ocean surface. In 2012, American and French research teams conducting surveys inside the Bermuda triangle stumbled upon an underground structure rising from the seabed, “a crystal like pyramid”. Its origin, age and purpose completely unknown. This structure is now been independently verified by both countries research teams. The partially translucent smooth structure had 300 meters wide and 200 meters tall measures larger than the well known pyramids of.. Read More at:

Bermuda Triangle Disappearances – Missing Planes and Ships List


The Bermuda Triangle Disappearances are still a mystery. From the last five centuries many planes, ships and aircrafts are mysterious disappeared or vanish into the deep water of the Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle’s story start from the journy of the Christopher Columbus in 1492 who sailed through the area of the Bermuda Triangle and had seen the mysterious things that happened there. I got a video from youtube which has a list of the missing planes and ships from the first disappearance of the Bermuda Triangle in 1609 to the last and latest disappearance in 2001. Watch the video

The Truth Behind: The Bermuda Triangle: National Geographic Channel Full Documentary

“The Truth Behind – The Bermuda Triangle” documentary is made and shooted by National Geographic Channel in 2010. The reason of investigation of Bermuda Triangle Area is that Dozens of Ships and Planes have vanished without a trace in the area of the Atlantic Ocean known as the Bermuda Triangle. But where do they go and what is causing them to disappear? The National Geographic Read More…